Who's Who in The Final Fade-Out
First aired May 22, 1966

By Jim Davidson
Posted 11/2014

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The very last episode of the original Perry Mason show - The Case of the Final Fade-Out - is one of the most fun. The plot involves a murder that occurs on the set of a popular TV series. This TV series’s crew were played by the actual crew of the Perry Mason show, giving viewers a chance to see the faces that went with the names they’d seen for years flashing across the screen at the end of each episode.  Unfortunately, none of these amateur TV stars got any billing, so fans have long debated who’s who in each scene. Some are easy: the hairdresser is played by Annabel Levy the hairdresser; the makeup man is Perry Mason’s makeup man Irving Pringle. And most true aficionados will be able to spot Mason creator Erle Stanley Gardner looking dignified as the judge in the second of two trials. But others are deceptive and even ironic: the director is played by the lowly assistant prop man; and Jesse Hibbs, director of The Final Fade-Out, is seen in the background of one scene, waxing a car - a rather menial task for a man in his position. Now for the first time, we present a who’s who of these erstwhile bit players.

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  Erle Stanley Gardner
as Judge Two
Ray Thompson
(Prop Man)
as Witness #1
Bernie Oseransky
as Witness #2
  Johnny Nickolaus
(Director of Photography)
as Witness #3
Bob Kaplan
as Witness #4
John Ferry
(Assistant Prop Man)
as Phil Shields
(Director) and
Gordon Webb
(Assistant Director)
as Assistant Director
  Wendell Jones
(2nd Grip)
as Tad Wyman
Marshall Schlom
(Script Supervisor)
as Cliff
(Script Supervisor)
with Dick Clark
Herman Lewis
(Sound Mixer)
as Sound Mixer
with Denver Pyle
  Dave Marks (upper right corner)
(2nd Assistant Director and
Producer Arthur Marks's father)
as 2nd Assistant Director
Buck Jones
(Mill Foreman)
as Buck Jones
and Mickey Woods
(Construction Coordinator)
as Construction Coordinator
with Richard Anderson
Ann Bernaducci
(Art Marks's Secretary)
as Producer's Secretary,
Buff Carruth as Costumer's Dog,
Evelyn Carruth
as Costumer
with Lee Miller
  Dennis Dalzell
(Assistant Cameraman)
as Assistant Cameraman
and Jack Woolf
(Camera Operator)
as Camera Operator
with Richard Anderson
Harry Jones
(Key Grip)
as Harry Jones
(Key Grip)
with Richard Anderson
Jim Lowery
(Dimmer Boy and Practical)
as Jim Lowery,
Larry Peets
as Larry Peets,
and Cece Lupton
(Best Boy)
as Cece Lupton
with Richard Anderson
and Lee Miller
  Dick Farrell
(Film Editor)
as Cutter
with Lee Miller
Annabel Levy
(Hair Stylist)
as Hair Stylist and
Irving Pringle
(Makeup Man)
as Irving
(Makeup Man)
with Richard Anderson
Jesse Hibbs
as Man Waxing Car
with Gerald Mohr,
James Stacy,
and Dick Clark
  Mark Roberts
as Man in Background,
Arthur Marks
as Mr. Marks,
Barbara Hale
as Blonde Starlet, and
Carl Biddiscombe
(Set Decorator)
as Man in Background
Lewis Creber
(Art Director)
as Lewis
with Arthur Marks
and Barbara Hale
Bill Swan
(Raymond Burr's
Executive Assistant)
as Piano Player
  Anne Nelson
(CBS Executive)
as Barmaid and
Corney Jackson
(Producer's Husband)
as Bartender
Art Seid
as Man Facing
Woman at Bar and
Gail Patrick Jackson
(Executive Producer)
as Woman at Bar
Lester Salkow
(Raymond Burr's Agent)
as Man at Bar
with Corney Jackson


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